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Lakeland terrier breed of dog Britannica.
See Article History. Alternative Title: Patterdale terrier. Lakeland terrier, breed of dog originally used to hunt and kill foxes in the Lake District of England. Formerly known as the Patterdale terrier, the Lakeland terrier was bred for gameness when in pursuit of foxes and otters.
Lakeland Terrier Antagene.
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CROQUETTES chien LAKELAND TERRIER Livraison croquettes Lakeland Terrier à domicile CROQ'A' DOM.
Pour cela, CROQ A DOM vous propose un large choix de croquettes pour Lakeland Terrier, composées de viandes de consommation humaine, sans sous-produits animaux, hormones, antibiotiques, colorants ni conservateurs. Ces croquettes pour Lakeland Terrier sont disponibles à la livraison à domicile, sur votre lieu de travail ou de vacances, partout en France et au Bénélux.
Lakeland Terrier Definition of Lakeland Terrier by Merriam-Webster.
Share Lakeland terrier. Post the Definition of Lakeland terrier to Facebook Share the Definition of Lakeland terrier on Twitter Time Traveler for Lakeland terrier. The first known use of Lakeland terrier was in 1928. See more words from the same year.
Lakeland Terrier Temperament Personality.
Even in a fenced yard, Lakies should be supervised, as they can easily tunnel underneath their enclosure in search of adventure and rabbits to chase. They will absolutely give chase to small animals and won't' respond to your pleas to return home. More About Lakeland Terrier. Lakeland Terrier Introduction. Lakeland Terrier Peters, Patricia Livres.
I love my dog and love the info and pictures in this book. Although this is a series usually found in pet stores, the Lakeland book is not often found. I guess because there are not a lot of Lakeland in the US. Bottom line.if you got a Lakeland Terrier, youwant this book!
Lakeland Terrier: Bold Hunter or Affectionate Family Dog?
Like the Welsh terrier, the Lakeland was developed from the Old English Black and Tan Terrier which no longer exists. It is believed that other terriers were also used in the breeds development including the Wire Fox Terrier, Border terrier, Bedlington terrier, and the Dandie Dinmont.
Race de chien: Lakeland terrier Lakeland Terrier Chien Nozamis.
Nom dans le pays d'origine' Lakeland Terrier. Nom usuel dans les pays anglo-saxons: Lakeland Terrier. Classement SCI, SCC.: Terriers de grande et moyenne taille. Principales utilisations / aptitudes: Chien de chasse terrier: renard, blaireau, petit gibier Chien de compagnie Chien de garde.
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